the Man Cave

A Men’s Mental Health Group

Welcome to the Man Cave

There is no traditional rite of passage from boyhood to manhood in our society. Our ideals of what in means to be man become thwarted by negative stereotypes and false expectations. 

The Man Cave is a virtual private group the meets weekly where men on a journey of self discovery can discuss  issues, receive support and gain new insights in life. 

While you are on your personal journey come into the Cave and gain new perspective on the next level of your growth.  

Dr. Marlon Rollins

Marlon Rollins PhD, LMHC, LPCC has over 20 years’ experience in behavioral health and addiction care. He has degrees in psychology (BS), counseling psychology (MA) and education psychology (PhD) from Ball State University. He is a researcher and a self-published author of topics on suicide prevention and building resilience. Dr. Rollins works with sensitivity to diverse populations. He is trained in treating emotional trauma, grief/loss, men’s health, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. He has a compassionate and developmental approach with clients. He joined Thru Health to help provide easier access to therapy to those who otherwise are unable to find the support they need during life’s difficulties.

Why Join the Man Cave?

Built For You

Designed to be specific to the needs of men's mental health and to provide a safe environment unique to those needs

Easy To Access

A virtual model allows for you to be part of the group no matter where you live in California via your computer or phone.

Small Group

Small group sie, by design, to allow you to know, and grow with, men on the same journey as you


Provides affordable expert clinical care at an hour of the day you can actually access it

Our Topics

The Man Cave is a designated time and space for meant to talk about all the issues that feel most compelling to them. The Man Cave is not a lecture, it is a group conversation, facilitated and guided by Dr. Rollins’ expertise in mental health and men’s issues.

All topics of discussion are welcomed and validated in The Man Cave. You decide what you discuss.

Juggling Demand And Expectations

Stress Management Skills

Healthy Emotional Expression

Building And Maintaining Health Relationships

join the man cave today!