dr. marlon rollins

Marlon R. Rollins

Dr. Rollins is on a purpose driven mission to help organizations and individuals optimize their performance by cultivating sustainable resilience through adversity. He guides others with inspired and informed delivery helping organizations implement models to reach their goals and better communicate those objectives to create higher performing teams. Dr. Rollins weaves into to his messages impactful and informed concepts to engage diverse audiences and companies alike. 

As a data driven leader, he helps others create meaning with information to create common cause and functional strategies. He clearly understands the heart of the employees, the world of work and helps employers reconnect with their teams’ mission.  


Dr. Rollins brings compelling and informative talks about resilience development and suicide prevention. As an educator and faith leader, he is able to reach the hearts and minds of audiences with thought provoking concepts to help individuals renew their ideals with passion and expert concepts for transformation.


Dr. Rollins is a published author and researcher. He focuses on topics that involve outcome measure to understand how environment and interventions have an impact on the peak performance of individual with in community and healthcare systems.


Dr. Rollins has served as direct care staff and excelled is his career. He has led complex organizations through turbulent times as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer at some of the largest behavioral healthcare providers in the US and in California.

Dr. Marlon Rollins is an accomplished licensed mental health counselor and licensed professional clinical counselor, recognized for his exceptional contributions to the field of behavioral healthcare. Armed with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology from Ball State University, Dr. Rollins possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realm of mental health.

With over two decades of experience in behavioral healthcare, Dr. Rollins has become a prominent figure as both a captivating speaker and a published author. His compelling voice and insightful perspectives have left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Tragically, a decade ago, Dr. Rollins experienced a deeply personal loss when he lost his beloved sister, Amber Rose Rollins, to suicide. Amber, a compassionate nurse, had battled her own mental health struggles, inspiring Dr. Rollins to dedicate his professional career to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Rollins has served as a beacon of hope, relentlessly advocating for mental health awareness. His work has been instrumental in providing crucial support and resources to those in need.

Dr. Rollins has held esteemed leadership roles in several prominent healthcare organizations, including UHS, AAC, and Acadia Healthcare. As CEO and COO, he has played pivotal roles in some of California’s largest psychiatric and addiction hospitals. Under his guidance, these institutions have flourished, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of countless patients and their families.

In addition to his work in behavioral healthcare, Dr. Rollins is an ordained minister, reflecting his profound dedication to helping others on their journeys to healing and self-discovery. His unwavering commitment to the community has been recognized through prestigious accolades, including the Human Achievement Award from the esteemed Center for Leadership Development.

Dr. Marlon Rollins continues to shine a light on the path to mental health wellness, touching lives, and inspiring transformation. His relentless pursuit of breaking down barriers and fostering a compassionate society has made him a true visionary leader in the field of mental health advocacy.