Amber Rose Rollins

Memorial Life Celebration of Amber Rose Rollins

Amber was Marlon’s older sister. She was the mother of a lovely daughter and a bright star to her family and friends. On December 31st, 2013, Amber tragically ended her life. Amber was always proud her brother. He has committed his mission to include her story to ensure her impact continues on to help others. 

Amber Rose Rollins was a beautiful mother, daughter and sister. She was a lively and determined soul who brought smiles and encouragement to others when she entered the room. She was a passionate registered nurse who especially loved caring for the elderly. She was role model for many other aspiring in the field of nursing. Her brother, Dr. Rollins, carries on her legacy as part of his own to help break the stigmas around mental health and addiction so that others lights don’t go dim in the shadows of their emotional pain.