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About Marlon Rollins

Dr. Marlon Rollins, a revered figure in the field of behavioral healthcare, combines extensive academic qualifications, including a master’s in counseling psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology from Ball State University, with over two decades of practical experience. His career, deeply influenced by the personal tragedy of losing his sister to suicide, is marked by significant contributions as a speaker, author, and leader in mental health advocacy. Dr. Rollins has led major psychiatric and addiction treatment facilities to success, reflecting his commitment to eradicating mental health stigma and providing support to those in need. His role as an ordained minister and recipient of the Human Achievement Award further highlights his dedication to holistic healing and societal change in mental health perceptions.

The Impoverished Mind

Unlock the power within and unleash your true purpose with this inspiring memoir. Dare to challenge your own patterns and break free from their grip, paving the way for a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Resilient Heart Journal:
Transform Pain to Purpose

Transform your life with a guide book that will help you shape new ways of thinking. By changing your mindset to one of intention and gratitude, you can navigate life's challenges with ease. Start your journey towards a more positive life today!


Thought provoking, honest, grief, sorrow, loss with a protagonist that we root for. These are some of the elements of a good book. As a librarian, I should know. This book made me put myself in the author’s shoes and think about how I would have come out on the other side. Seeking love, belonging and acceptance are all universal concepts. I think the book will help a lot of people with life’s struggles. I loved the book and I would like to hear more from this promising author and speaker.

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Dr. Rollins is proficient with speaking and behavioral health. He empowers conferences, corporations, organizations, and associations to find renewed inspiration to conquer adversity. Are you seeking someone with captivating intelligence to help you create unstoppable momentum? Schedule a call today!

a journey to healing

Discover the life-changing testimonies from individuals at an awe-inspiring speaking event. The power of transformative heart and mind connection is undeniably alive and more important than ever before.