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Do you need a captivating speaker for you next event,  organization or association? Dr. Rollins will work with you and your team to deliver a message to help members connect to purpose and drive change with compelling authentic story telling. If you are looking for expertise and experience in one, Dr. Rollins has what you are looking for. Book a time to talk today! 


Thought provoking, honest, grief, sorrow, loss with a protagonist that we root for. These are some of the elements of a good book. As a librarian, I should know. This book made me put myself in the author’s shoes and think about how I would have come out on the other side. Seeking love, belonging and acceptance are all universal concepts. I think the book will help a lot of people with life’s struggles. I loved the book and I would like to hear more from this promising author and speaker.

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Are you struggling with taking your organization to the next level of performance? The healthcare landscape is ever changing. Dr Rollins works intimately with leadership teams using a systems approach to help leverage you strengths to increase alignment, action and accountability. If you are a behavioral health organization and need rejuvenation to make shifts to improve outcomes Dr. Rollins has experience working at all level of care from inpatient, crisis services, residential and outpatient. Schedule a call today!